How to check the condition of the Rexroth engine measuring system?

Let us check the measurement system of this engine. For this purpose we will use the driver with which the engine cooperates. We use Rexroth DKC 03.3. Let us first provide power supply to the digital system. In this case, 24 V power supply is used. Of course, we check the voltage in documentation.

C204 error is displayed. This means there is a problem in communication with the engine. It may be caused by damage to the measurement system, failure to establish connection, communication cable or the driver itself being broken. In this case we didn’t even connect the engine so it was evident that the error would appear.

Let’s try to connect it. OK. Let’s see. C204 persists. It means something is not OK. Let’s check the connections. Here everything is OK, but we didn’t plug in. Let’s plug it in and screw. Let’s check. Another error gets displayed. F219 means there is a problem with temperature sensor. We actually didn’t connect it at all. But if we do and the error persists, it might mean the conduit or the temperature sensor itself are damaged. Let’s connect it. F219 persists. Of course, we connected it wrong. Right now, inverters displays BB. In our lingo it means “no errors”. We might thus conclude that the engine measurement system works OK.

Still, this is not a reliable measurement as didn’t do signal oscillations of the measurement system. These are still very correct methods for machine tests. We might also try to subsequently change engines, drivers, obviously within the same type, to avoid messing up with memories and parameters. Check which element is likely to be damaged: the driver or the engine.

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