Industrial automation service - how to choose it?

When a machine breaks down, quick operation counts so that production downtime is as short as possible. Wondering how to find a good industrial automation service? There are several aspects to note. 

Opening hours of the industrial automation service 

A device fault can occur at any time during the day. It is therefore worth finding a service for industrial devices available not only during standard 7am - 3pm, but also carrying out repairs in the afternoon or night. It is important to be able to get immediate help in case of unexpected problems with the machine. 


If we have the opportunity to check a company for their skills, it is worth doing it. A lot of companies run profiles in social media, i.e. Facebook or YouTube, where you can quickly verify whether a given industrial automation website has been around for a short time or has many years of experience in its field. By familiarizing yourself with pictures or videos from the work of service technicians, you will learn what types of equipment they had the opportunity to meet at work. A company that has a comprehensive repair offer may prove more effective in the event of a breakdown, during which we are not sure what the source of the problem is. 

Warranty for industrial automation repair 

High quality of repairs should go hand in hand with experience. An important confirmation of the professionally performed service is the warranty offered for the repaired equipment. It is a good idea to ask about the time for which you must work before starting cooperation. The longer the warranty period, the longer we can be confident about the proper operation of the device.  

Customer service 

There are situations when you are not able to disassemble the damaged device yourself and provide it for repair. At such times, it is important to know whether the service technicians from the selected company carry out service trips to the customer. In addition, they can therefore provide a replacement that will replace the damaged part during its repair - thus reducing production downtime. 


Finding the right industrial automation service is not an easy task. Returning equipment to a company that we don't have much information about may turn out to be the wrong choice. Therefore, get to know its advantages well before carrying out the repair. At RGB Elektronika we offer a 24-month warranty for the entire repaired device. We provide express diagnosis of industrial electronics and motors in 24h for only PLN 450 net, and free of charge within 7 working days. Click here, to learn more. 

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