Preliminary device diagnosis in production line failure

Preliminary device diagnosis in production line failure

Downtime on production line caused by a failure of servo-drives, feeders or inverters is always costly. Preliminary device diagnosis may help service employees to diagnose the type of failure or to find information on how to troubleshoot yourself.

These are a couple of steps worth following before calling a service centre.

They will help you to troubleshoot yourself or significantly speed up repair by service employees.

·         In case of damage check whether ventilation grids in the cabinet are not blocked with dust or located in a way as to prevent dissipation of heat. Inspect whether there is no dust stuck to the device. We recommend regular cleaning of the cabinet bottom and taking care of correct heat flow.

·         Verify, whether the temperature inside conforms with machine documentation.

·         Verify, whether each conduit is correctly fastened. Even small backlash may disturb communication, cause large energy losses, sparkling or cause the conduits or device to heat up.

·         Inverters usually operate with a very high frequency which may cause induction of currents and disturbances. Make sure you are using the right cables (we recommend using covered wires).

·         Lack of earthing or changed phases may cause unexpected errors. Check, whether all the conduits are in place, whether you provide correct signals and whether you provide sufficient quality of the supplied power.

Remember that industrial devices are intended for a specific application. You may not freely change their position, connect other recipients or controllers. Each such change should be preceded by checking whether the device may operate in a given configuration without a fault. 

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